2018 Silverado Reaper Price, Interior and Engine

2018 Silverado Reaper Price – Chevy Silverado Reaper isn’t constructed, dispersed or sanctioned from General Motors. That said, for Chevy fans that are searching for an answer to Ford’s Raptor, this is the pickup you need on your corner. A joint venture from Ken Lingenfelter’s Lingenfelter Performance Engineering along with Southern Comfort Automotive.

2018 Silverado Reaper Price

The Reaper starts using a Chevy Silverado and also reworks each inch of it’s to produce a Severe off-road monster The Chevy Reaper is very especially to reply that the Ford Raptor. In the Chicago Auto Show, Lingenfelter stated, “We like to stoke the Ford guys somewhat “. The picture splash around the back quarter panel, along with also the title, are willful pokes in the previous Ford version.

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However, you do not put out to create a costly joke for the interest of a one-time joke. This remains a critical truck, effective at over 60 miles in desert off-road paths, such as suspension-punishing whoop-de-doos over hills and to dry streambeds. For individuals who need hardy, pricey and extremely enjoyable reel, the Chevy Reaper is the perfect answer.

Price – 2018 Silverado Reaper Price

Price - 2018 Silverado Reaper Price

Three variations of this Reaper are accessible through pick Chevy dealers, with prices starting from the mid-$50,000moving and s upward approximately $10,000 for its fully optioned, supercharged edition. To Find out More about this Chevy Reaper, custom-built by Southern Comfort Automotive along with Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Another advantage of this Reaper bundle is the fact that it may be set up on any version of Silverado 1500, in the normal taxi short-bed into the dual and Crew Cabs. Beginning with all the high-buck High Country trimming, our distinct truck will probably roll from the showroom upwards of 70,000. This might appear to be a shocking amount for a pickup, however every time a well-equipped Tahoe or even HD diesel goes for this or more, it sets the value in outlook.

Exterior – 2018 Silverado Reaper Price

Exterior - 2018 Silverado Reaper Price

LPE maintains 9.2 inches of an entrance, along with 11.2 inches of rear suspension travel on the Reaper. On-paper, this can be significantly much less compared to the Raptor’s maintained 11.2 inch front along with 12.1 inches back of traveling. Nevertheless, Copeland stated LPE wasn’t able to replicate Ford’s claims in routine testing of the Raptor while the Reaper was undergrowth. Even though the Reaper’s suspension traveling claims might appear conservative at first, Copeland stands to support the promises with assurance, stating the truck may deliver what is promised.

Interior – 2018 Silverado Reaper Price

Interior - 2018 Silverado Reaper Price

Left mainly unchanged from the Reaper transformation would be that the interior, which in our situation has been the High Country version, meaning comfy tan leather chairs and tons of whistles and bells. Custom-stitched headrest covers can be purchased as an alternative. The only observable changes, besides a habit red-backlit gauge bunch, would be the inclusion of a few auxiliary switches to your Reaper’s bumper-mounted LED off-road lighting. The customized made bumper produces a big impact from the truck’s off-road capacity and simplicity, ditching the inventory Silverado’s ultra-low bumper and air dam. The bumper matches the Reaper’s eagle-like hood and grille therapy. Front and back fender flares finish the look, together with back fender images and Reaper tailgate badging.

Engine – 2018 Silverado Reaper Price

The truck managed the whoops of the West Michigan dunes with poise and assurance, just infrequently maxing out its wheel traveling when driving speed. And the rate is certainly not a problem with both of those Reaper’s two supercharged engines, accessible 5.3L or L 6.2L displacements. In”foundation” 5.3L variant, the Reaper includes a 64-horse border over the mill Raptor plus a critical 139hp advantage using all the 6.2L. Our truck was outfitted with all the 6.2L engine and also one of those more silent exhausts we have discovered in recent years. Our distinct tester had a composite of optional headers and exhaust trained to get a truck armed with stock manifolds, which makes it especially uncontrollable.

Engine - 2018 Silverado Reaper Price

The mix of this improved suspension and also abundant power created for plenty of fun riding in the Silver Lake, Michigan, sand dunes, and scaling the mountain from the northeast recreational region has been no perspiration, together using the supercharged L86’s ample energy and torque beating it uphill effortlessly. On-road, the supercharged V-8 propelled the Reaper up to triple-digit velocities with unnerving ease. If pushed moderately, Copeland said he has seen around 17 mpg highway at the Reaper, remarkable considering the quantity of power, along with also the extra drag from its high position and much more aggressive styling.